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The Cinder Princess

Spectrum Of Life

Sarah Singer songwriter

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The Masquerade Ball

The Masquerade Ball describes a time when despair
can be over whelming and hiding our feelings is an escape.

Desert Wind

Desert Wind describes the ability to fall in love with
a place through the eyes of someone else!

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I am a singer/songwriter known in the music world as The Cinder Princess

I am a Female Folk singer known as The Cinder Princess. I'm also an acoustic and electro acoustic guitar player and music artist. I have been song writing for 30 years, in 2001 I started work on my album 'The Spectrum of Life' which was published in 2002 by Garden Records.

I have enjoyed the opportunity of singing at local folk clubs and private events. The most recent event was a nursing home. (All events will be list on the Events Page).

Writing is a part of who I am! Along with songs I have written stories and poetry but I guess it is all part of being an artist that I like to express myself in words and song...

As for the future it awaits us all...what will happen next? Come back one day...when the whispering wind blows you - my way...

Take care of yourself.

Love The Cinder Princess x

To hire the Cinder Princess contact: Tony @ 07841632273 or E-mail

Available for Private and Public Functions-> Click Here or contact me for more details! Enquires Send Email to cinderprincess@hotmail.com

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